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Autumn 2018 Information Sheet





For 2018 MENA are utilising Aquinas College and Great Ryrie Primary School (GRPS) for its competitions. There will be 8 courts available as follows:

  • Aquinas Indoor x 2 courts
  • Aquinas Outdoor x 2 courts
  • GRPS x 4 courts
  • These will be treated as 3 separate venues – Aquinas Indoor, Aquinas Outdoor and GRPS. There will be competition/umpire co-ordinators at each of the venues plus volunteers to support the operation of the competition.

  • Court Allocations

    Where possible we have teams playing in the same venue at the same time each week. Due to venue constraints this was not possible across the board. We will switch the age groups and sections around for Spring competition.


    Fixture and Schedule Timing

    To ensure we can get through all games in daylight hours (particularly in the winter) we have taken out the quarter time break – there will now be a straight change of ends and re- start at the quarter and 3⁄4 quarter time buzzers (one buzzer only). Half time will be 3 minutes with 2 minutes between games. This will require teams to move swiftly from the court at the completion of their game to allow the next game to start.

    Game timing will be operated independently at each of the venues.


    Weekly Fixtures, Results and Ladders

    We will no longer be printing and posting the weekly fixtures, results and ladders on a noticeboard at the courts. Players and supporters are encouraged to use the MENA website or the MyNetball app to get this information.


    First Aid

    Primary First Aid will be based at GRPS and will come over to Aquinas if needed. Basic First Aid support will be available at each of the Aquinas venues –indoor and outdoor.



    Parking for netball attendees is not permitted in the Aquinas car park. There is limited parking in the GRPS grounds. Parking will be on the neighbourhood streets.

    There is parking within walking distance of the school. Drivers are advised to pay close attention to the road rules and parking restrictions in Great Ryrie Street. Police and Council Officers patrol the area and impose fines for breaches of traffic regulations, including parking fines for drivers leaving their cars whilst in the no waiting zone, for any reason. More importantly however, pedestrian safety is placed at risk when the traffic laws are not followed.

    Please also be mindful of the local residents when parking and do not impede their ability to get in and out of their properties.



    While we are doing all we can to avoid people having to cross the road we know that people will be doing so. Parents should ensure that their children are well supervised if crossing the road and do so away from the driveways at GRPS and Aquinas where there will be more congestion. There are school crossings at each end of GRPS however these are not full pedestrian crossings.


    Toilet Facilities

    Toilet facilities at GRPS are next to the canteen at the front of the hall. At Aquinas the toilets are not easily accessible from the outdoor courts – there is a small block in the front foyer of the indoor centre however the main block is through the indoor courts and down the back stairs. We will ensure there is signage however we would recommend that children are accompanied if needing to go to these toilets.



    Scoresheets will be available for pick up by the HOME team at your playing venue. The winning team is responsible for returning the completed scoresheet before departure from the venue.



    MENA will operate a canteen at GRPS which will sell limited hot food, plus drinks and limited sweets.


    Single Game Vouchers, Strapping Tape, Whistles

    These items will be available from the canteen at GRPS only. Players requiring a Single Game Voucher will need to allow time to get this organised prior to their game – particularly if they are playing at Aquinas. Competition staff at GRPS will have these available once the canteen is closed.



    Only players, team officials, umpires and scorers will be able to be inside the perimeter fence at GRPS.

    Aquinas Indoor and Outdoor Courts there is room at the ends of the courts only. No spectators should be down the sidelines of the courts.


    Warm Up Space

    Both GRPS and the Aquinas outdoor courts have good amounts of space available for warming up. The Aquinas indoor courts have limited warm up space so teams may have to warm up outside the courts.