Use of Scoresheet


The scoresheets are put on the table by the office window 30 minutes before the start of the game. Both teams need to complete the player name section of the scoresheet BEFORE it is taken to the court by the HOME team.


The HOME team is responsible to complete the score during the game. The AWAY team's scorer should stand with the HOME team's scorer and verify the recording of the records during the game. At the end of the game, the WINNING team's scorer needs to get both umpires, captains and scorers to sign the scoresheet.  Signing the scoresheet indicates that the scores and the player details are correct.


The WINNING team returns the scoresheet to the office window. The scoresheet will not be accepted at the window until it is filled out correctly. In the case of a DRAWN game, the HOME team returns the scoresheet to the office window.



When writing the players names on the scoresheet, please ensure that you enter both Surname and Christian name. The spelling does not have to be 100% correct but the names need to be legible.


Please ensure that all players that take to the court in the match are written on the scoresheet. Example: If a scores sees 8 players take to the court but only 7 names are on the scoresheet then add the missing player's name.  Ask the coach or team manager if you are not sure.  Also check the reverse.  If a team has 9 names written down but only 7 players are at the court, then cross the two extra players.  The names on the scoresheet should reflect the players taking to the court.


If you play any player that is not a permanent member of your team, or is a new team member, is a fill-in player or someone playing up, then record their name and DOB on the back of the scoresheet.  Use the team's SCORER to double check that your team have completed the scoresheet properly. Failure to comply with any of these conditions WILL result in the team incurring a 1 championship point penalty.



All players must be VNA registered before going into the court. Please ensure that your players have payed their VNA fees.  Registration is through MyNetball website or daily registration at the HE Parker office. Players are not covered by Netball Victoria insurance unless they are registered.

If you play a VNA registered player from another association as a fill in, that player should bring with them their VNA number and this number needs to be entered on the back of the scoresheet with the player's name.

If you play a non-VNA registered player for one match as a fill in, then that player needs to purchase a one game VNA voucher at the office before taking to the court. The vouchers cost $8 and are valid for one match. This player's details should also be entered on the back of the scoresheet.