Stadium and 2018 Year FAQ

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we have had about the new stadium and arrangements for the 2018 year and the answers as we know them at this point. Any "we" in the below FAQ refers to the MENA committee.

(last updated 1/2/2018)


New Stadium


Why are we losing two courts in the new facility?

This is as a result of the increased run offs on the new outdoor courts, the overall size of the indoor stadium and the shape of our land. In order to fit any more courts than we are building we would have had to take out too many trees. As a committee we pushed for 10 courts as much as we could but council advised that any plans with the extra courts would not receive planning approval due to the amount of trees needing to be cut done.


Why is the carpark not being upgraded?

If we were to do any work in the carpark we would be forced to remove trees. This would be a planning issue again. There was also a lack of budget to perform significant improvements. As there are less courts parking issues should be eased. Council have performed a traffic analysis of the site and are comfortable that we will have less issues post 2019.


Why is the new facility not netball only?

In order to be eligible for State Government funding we had to make the facility multi-sport. We have tried to keep the number of sports to a minimum though and netball is far and away the heaviest user of the new facility.


How many trees are being removed to build the new facility?

There will be 29 trees removed as part of construction. These will be replaced with greater than 29 trees however elsewhere on site.


What is happening with U9s? Are they moving to Friday night?

With the reduction in the number of courts we are looking at ways that we may reduce the Saturday competition day. At present with the current number of teams we would be running through until 5PM on 5 courts. Moving U9s is an option but has been rejected by the clubs when we asked them. We may need to revisit this in 2018 or look at alternatives. It's definitely not confirmed that this will happen and we will be looking for club and member feedback to guide as on this in 2018.


Who is running the canteen in the new stadium? Are clubs going to be able to fundraise via BBQs?

MENA is in discussions with council with the view to managing the canteen full time at the new stadium. This would also allow us to continue offering fundraising BBQs to Clubs going forward. We are still crunching the numbers as to whether this makes financial sense for us.


What surface will be used in the new facility?

The outdoor courts will be a plexi type surface much like we have today. The indoor courts will be using a new engineered flooring system called Helsinki by a German company called Haro which will be laid by a local company Aura Flooring This is now a standard sport flooring across Europe and has been installed recently at Netball Central in Perth. Netball WA have given us glowing reviews of this flooring saying it makes a significant reduction in the amount of soreness and tiredness umpires and players feel in their legs after a game.


Who else will be using the stadium?

  • Yarra Ariels will be using the stadium for training and some VNL games.
  • Eastern Football League will be playing games there on Friday nights.
  • Marroondah Volleyball will be playing competition weekly
  • Council will also be taking booking for various events.
  • As yet we don't have a tenant for badminton.


Will Clubs still be able to use the facility for training?

Yes. We have allowed times for clubs to use the new facility for training however there will be a cost associated (set by council).


Why hasn't worked commenced at HE Parker?

As of late January there has been a hold-up with the planning permit for the removals of trees on the site. Council is working through the issues with the concerned residents and we expect a resolution shortly. 


2018 Year


Where are we playing in 2018?

Games will be run at both Great Ryrie Primary School (4 new courts without lights, synpave surface similar to HE Parker) and also Aquinas College (2 indoor courts with a wooden floor and 2 outdoor courts on a synpave/plexipave surface). Here is a map of the area indicating where the courts are:



How will timing work at the venues?

We're still looking at this but at this stage each venue (Great Ryrie, Aquinas Indoor and Aquinas Outdoor) will be timed separately.


Will there be a canteen?

Yes, we will be operating a canteen at Great Ryrie. As we will not have the same space at HE Parker we will not have the full range of products that we've had previously. We will be stocking the most popular items however.


Will Robin and his coffee van be available?

Yes, we will have one coffee van at Great Ryrie.


What parking will be available?

Parking will be limited to a small amount of parking at Great Ryrie and the streets around Great Ryrie and Aquinas. We will not have access to the Aquinas car park as it is required for Aquinas activities. This is going to be frustrating but we ask that our community is considerate to the local neighbours. 


Is there going to be a pedestrian crossing across Great Ryrie Rd?

No so we ask that everyone exercises caution when crossing the road.


Where will the competition office be?

The main competition office will be located at Great Ryrie in the hall there at this stage. There will be competition/umpire coordinators at each venue as well to collect scoresheets and answer queries.


Where can I pay for single game vouchers/hand in cheques for fees etc?

All cash/cheque transactions will need to occur at Great Ryrie at the canteen or the main competition office if the canteen is closed.


What is happening to the Wednesday Night competition?

The Wednesday Night competition will change to a Monday night at the Aquinas indoor courts. This is due to the Aquinas indoor courts not being available on a Wednesday.


Will teams have to alternate between venues each week?

As much as possible we will try and assign sections to either Aquinas or Great Ryrie to avoid this.


What hours will the Saturday competition run over?

Based on current team numbers and maintaining the current timing structure of 5 minutes between games, 1 minute between 1st and 2nd quarters and 3rd and 4th quarters and 3 minutes at half time we would be running games from 8:00M to 5:05PM. Obviously this is not ideal and we are looking at reducing the times so that each timeslot takes 45 minutes rather than 50. This would be achieved by the following timing changes:

  • 2 minutes between games
  • 3 minutes at half time
  • Straight change at 1st/2nd quarters and 3rd/4th quarters

This would enable us to finish closer to 4PM


What's happening with the courts at Great Ryrie Primary School?

There's been a few issues with the resurfacing works at Great Ryrie. The courts will be available for us to use for round 1 on the 10th February but will only have 3 of the required 6 coats of Synpave on it (6 coats required for maximum longevity). They will be completely safe to play on in this condition. The additional coats will be completed by round 2.